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The PISA 2022 Field Trial was due to take place in 40 schools in March 2020 but was cut short as a result of school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Data was collected from 20 schools before the closures and was submitted to the international consortium overseeing the administration of PISA for analysis. The PISA 2022 Main Study was also postponed and took place one year later than planned.

A copy of the PISA Technical Standards is available here.

An animated video from the OECD outlines who takes the test, who sets the questions, and what can we learn from the findings: OECD’s informational video on PISA.

The PISA 2025 Field Trial

The Field Trial for PISA 2025 will take between March and April 2024. A total of 2,650 students from 53 schools across the Rep. of Ireland have been invited to participate in the Field Trial. Principals, and science coordinators from these 53 schools will also participate.

The student assessment and questionnaire, as well as the school and science coordinator questionnaire will be entirely computer-based. The parent questionnaires will be paper-based.

The PISA Assessment will be delivered via an online or an offline mode, which is a new feature for PISA in 2025. The online/offline delivery modes ensure that the assessment is run smoothly across schools with differing internet capabilities.

Try out the PISA tests!

Try out released questions from PISA here.

Short summaries on PISA findings

The OECD publishes short, themed summaries of PISA results which may be of interest to students, parents, teachers and policymakers.

Policy on confidentiality and anonymity

All information collected as part of PISA in Ireland is done so in accordance with the Data Protection and Statistics Acts and GDPR. The confidentiality and anonymity of participants is very important, and information on an individual school will only ever be provided to that school and will never be released to other schools or individuals. Information on individual teachers, students and parents will never be released.

For more information on the ERC’s data protection policy, please click here. For more PISA specific GDPR information, please click here.

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