How is PISA carried out?

How is PISA carried out in Ireland?

PISA is implemented by the Educational Research Centre on behalf of the Department of Education. A national advisory committee oversees the implementation of PISA and advises on all major aspects of the study, including reviewing the assessment materials and providing input into national reporting.

Members of the national advisory committee for PISA 2022-2025.

How is PISA carried out internationally?

PISA is overseen by the OECD Education Secretariat.  All major aspects of PISA are agreed upon by the PISA Governing Board, on which all countries are represented. In each country, National Project Managers oversee the administration of PISA.

PISA 2018 and PISA 2022 were implemented at international level by a consortium institutions, led by The Educational Testing Service, USA.

PISA 2025 will be implemented by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER).

Technical information on the implementation of PISA.

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What is PISA?

PISA National Advisory Committee for Ireland (2022-2025)

Who takes part in PISA?

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