PISA is the largest international study of education, examining the reading, mathematics and science achievements of students as they approach the end of compulsory schooling. It began in 2000 and is carried out every three years.

This website provides an overview of what PISA is, who participates, how it is carried out, and national contact information. National PISA publications are also available on the website, along with information for students, parents and schools. Links to international PISA resources (publications, databases, contact information) are also provided.

PISA 2015 results

PISA 2015 results for Ireland

The mathematics, reading and science results from PISA 2015 were launched on Tuesday, the 6th of December 2016. The national report is available here. The press release is available here. For E-appendix click here.

The OECD also launched the International Report of PISA 2015 results on Tuesday, 6th December 2016. See the OECD PISA website for more information.

Forthcoming National Reports on PISA 2015

PISA 2015 Parents’ Report (Mid 2017)

Latest Results from PISA 2012

PISA 2012 results for Ireland

The mathematics, reading and science results from PISA 2012 are now available.

December 2013: Report and Brochure on the mathematics, reading and science results for Ireland from PISA 2012. Supplementary tables are available in the PISA 2012 E-appendix.

April 2014: Report on the problem-solving results for Ireland

The international results from the PISA 2012 study are published in five volumes, available at http://www.oecd.org/pisa.

PISA 2012 Teacher Survey Results

As part of PISA 2012 in Ireland, a nationally representative sample of mathematics teachers took ‎part in a survey that examined their views on the Project Maths initiative, on Transition Year mathematics, and on teaching and ‎learning mathematics more generally. ‎

November 2012: Report and Brochure on teaching and learning in Project Maths.

January 2013: Report and Brochure on Transition Year mathematics.

November 2014: Report  on Project Maths and PISA 2012.

October 2016: Report on PISA 2012: Teachers’ Guide to Mathematics and Problem Solving.

October 2016: Report on PISA in Classrooms: Implications for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Ireland.