NAMER 2021

The ninth NAMER, which had been due to take place in spring 2020, has been postponed to spring 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is planned that NAMER 2021 will proceed with the schools that were selected to participate in 2020.

Any unused questionnaires received by schools in spring 2020 should be disposed of. The NAMER class list should be securely destroyed (e.g. by shredding). The ERC will delete all pupil identifiers from the database. Schools will be contacted in summer 2020 regarding the return of any completed questionnaires to the ERC.

One of the objectives of the 2021 assessment cycle is to evaluate progress towards the revised targets identified after NAMER 2014. A field trial was conducted in the spring of 2019 to try out assessment instruments, questionnaires and procedures.

For the first time, the design of NAMER 2021 will incorporate an increased sample of DEIS schools in order to make robust comparisons on the achievements of pupils in non-DEIS and DEIS schools (see the page on DEIS for further information ).

The NAMER 2021 performance report will be published in early spring 2022, and a context report will follow in 2023.