A Secondary Analysis of Growing Up in Ireland

Data on Educational Experiences and ‎Outcomes for Children with Special Educational Needs ‎

This study uses the Growing Up in Ireland database for the 9-year-old-cohort and is being ‎carried out by the Centre in collaboration with the Special Education Department of St ‎Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.  The aims of the secondary analysis are to:‎

‎1.‎    Provide new evidence to help us understand more clearly how children with special ‎educational needs, and specific identifiable subgroups within this cohort if possible, ‎are faring at school in terms of:‎

  • Outcomes which relate to academic attainment/ achievement and expectations in ‎relation to same
  • Participation in and engagement with school and learning, and their learning ‎progress and expectations in relation to same
  • Independence skills, self-esteem, well-being at school and relationships with ‎teachers and peers.‎

‎2.‎    Identify and analyse the factors influencing these experiences and both formal and ‎less formal educational outcomes.‎

‎3.‎    Identify potential implications for educational policy and or practice arising from the ‎analysis.‎

The analyses are being carried out in four phases which involve the following:  ‎
‎1.‎    Establishing a classification scheme for special educational needs
‎2.‎    Describing the outcomes of children in the different special educational needs categories; ‎outcomes cover attainment, engagement, well-being and independence.‎
‎3.‎    Describing the individual, home, class, school and community characteristics of ‎children in the special educational needs categories
‎4.‎    Synthesising the findings of the first three phases using multiple regression analyses.‎

A draft report was submitted to the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) at the end ‎of 2013, with a final report expected in 2014.‎