Fourth Class

Ireland is one of 59 countries that participated in TIMSS at Fourth grade (Fourth class) in 2019.

In Ireland, the study was conducted in a nationally representative sample of 150 primary schools between March and May 2019. In smaller schools that are selected to participate, all Fourth class pupils are asked to take part in the assessment. In schools with three or more Fourth class groups, two of the classes are randomly selected (by the ERC) to participate. Each pupil is asked to complete a test booklet containing maths and science questions.

Following completion of the test (and a break), pupils are given a short Pupil Questionnaire which asks some questions about the pupil, what they think about school, and, in particular, what they think about maths and science.  Information such as this is valuable in interpreting the results of the assessment, and in providing a snapshot of pupils’ views on their educational experience.

TIMSS also aims to gather useful information from other sources in order to build up a better picture of the Irish education system.  Therefore, teachers of selected classes are invited to complete a Teacher Questionnaire, and the school principal receives a School Questionnaire.  Parents of participating pupils are asked to complete a short Home Questionnaire about themselves and their child.

More Information

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