Participating Countries

In 2016, 50 countries and 11 benchmarking participants (regional entities) took part in PIRLS, while 14 countries and two benchmarking participants also took part in the ePIRLS assessment of online reading.

In 2021, 60 countries and 7 benchmarking participants plan to participate in PIRLS. It is expected that roughly half the participants will administer PIRLS on paper, and roughly half on computer (with ePIRLS integrated into the digital PIRLS assessment). Countries intending to participate are listed below.

Countries Participating in PIRLS

Albania France North Macedonia
Australia Georgia Northern Ireland
Austria Germany Norway
Azerbaijan Hong Kong SAR Oman
Bahrain Hungary Poland
Belgium (Fl) Iran Portugal
Belgium (Fr) Ireland Qatar
Bosnia and Herzegovina Israel Russian Federation
Brazil Italy Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria Kazakhstan Serbia
Canada Kosovo Singapore
Chile Kuwait Slovak Republic
Chinese Taipei Latvia Slovenia
Croatia Lithuania South Africa
Cyprus Macao SAR Spain
Czech Republic Malta Sweden
Denmark Montenegro Turkey
Egypt Morocco United Arab Emirates
England Netherlands United States
Finland New Zealand Uzbekistan

Benchmark participants

Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Denmark (Grade 3)
Moscow City, Russia
South Africa (5th Grade)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dubai, UAE