Who Participated in TALIS 2008?

What countries participated in TALIS 2008?

TALIS i2008 was conducted in 24 countries across five continents.

Australia Lithuania
Austria Netherlands
Belgium (Flemish Community) Malta
Brazil Malaysia
Bulgaria Mexico
Denmark Norway
Estonia Poland
Hungary Portugal
Iceland Spain
Ireland Slovak Republic
Italy Slovenia
Republic of Korea Turkey


In Ireland, who participated in TALIS 2008?

Teachers of Junior Cycle post-primary pupils and school principals were invited to take part in TALIS 2008.

A field study for TALIS 2008 was conducted in Spring 2007. In Ireland, 13 principals and 220 class teachers in 16 schools responded to questionnaires that were delivered in both paper and on-line formats.

For the main study in Spring 2008, 200 schools were invited to participate. The school principal and approximately 20 teachers from each school were asked to complete questionnaires. Schools, as well as teachers within the schools, were randomly selected to take part in TALIS 2008.