What was TALIS 2008?

TALIS was the Teaching and Learning International Survey.

Description of TALIS 2008

TALIS 2008 was the first international survey in which the major focus was on the ‎learning environment and working conditions of teachers in schools. In Ireland, the study ‎was carried out by the Educational Research Centre on behalf of the (then) Department ‎of Education and Science. The purpose of the study was to generate internationally ‎comparable indicators on the attitudes to teaching and learning of teachers in the Junior ‎Cycle of secondary schools, their teaching practices and their involvement in professional ‎development. TALIS also looked at the leadership role and responsibilities of principals. ‎The survey offered an opportunity for teachers and school principals to provide input into ‎educational analysis and policy development on key contemporary issues.

It is intended that the outcomes of TALIS will inform policy development in the area of ‎teaching and learning. Cross-country analysis from TALIS allows countries to identify ‎other countries facing similar challenges and to learn from other policy approaches. A ‎further cycle of TALIS will take place in 2013. Ireland will not participate in the 2013 ‎study. ‎

Themes to be examined in TALIS 2008

The survey focused on the following policy themes:‎

  • The professional development of teachers, including frequency of and access to ‎development activities.
  • The association between forms of teacher appraisal and teaching practices and ‎beliefs.‎
  • The association between school-level policies and practices, including school ‎leadership, and the learning environment in schools.‎
  • The development and support of effective school leadership.‎
  • Recent trends in school leadership and management.‎
  • The profiles of countries with regard to teaching practices, activities, beliefs and ‎attitudes, and how these vary according to teacher background characteristics‎.

International Organisations in TALIS 2008

TALIS 2008 was organised by member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-‎operation and Development (OECD), of which Ireland is a member. ‎
The OECD contracted the international administration of the survey to the International ‎Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). IEA was supported ‎by its Data Processing and Research Center (DPC) in Hamburg and by Statistics Canada, ‎which was responsible for sampling. ‎

The questionnaires were developed by the OECD, drawing on the advice of an ‎International Development Expert Group. Participating countries were consulted at each ‎stage of development. ‎

TALIS was supported financially by the European Commission which monitored the ‎extent to which its information needs were being met through the survey‎.

National Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee, appointed by the (then) Department of Education and Science, ‎advised the Educational Research Centre in the development of survey instruments, the ‎implementation of the study, and the interpretation of survey outcomes. The members of ‎the Committee are given below‎.

Member Organisation
Eamonn Murtagh Department of Education and Science, Chair
Clive Byrne National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals
Sr. Marie Celine Clegg Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools
Ann Dinan Joint Managerial Body of Secondary Schools
Bernie Judge Teachers’ Union of Ireland
Paddy Lavelle Irish Vocational Education Association
Moira Leydon Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland
Alan Wall Department of Education and Science, Teacher Education Section
Ann Rickard National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Rachel Perkins Educational Research Centre, National Project Manager
Gerry Shiel Educational Research Centre
Maeve Proctor Educational Research Centre (to September 2008)
Lorraine Gilleece Educational Research Centre (from January 2009)