TALIS 2008 – Teaching And Learning International Survey

The purpose of the study was to generate internationally ‎comparable indicators on the attitudes to teaching and learning of teachers in the Junior ‎Cycle of secondary schools, their teaching practices and their involvement in professional ‎development. TALIS also looked at the leadership role and responsibilities of principals. ‎The survey offered an opportunity for teachers and school principals to provide input into ‎educational analysis and policy development on key contemporary issues.

The survey focused on the following policy themes:‎

  • The professional development of teachers, including frequency of and access to ‎development activities.
  • The association between forms of teacher appraisal and teaching practices and ‎beliefs.‎
  • The association between school-level policies and practices, including school ‎leadership, and the learning environment in schools.‎
  • The development and support of effective school leadership.‎
  • Recent trends in school leadership and management.‎
  • The profiles of countries with regard to teaching practices, activities, beliefs and ‎attitudes, and how these vary according to teacher background characteristics‎.

Results of TALIS 2008 from an Irish perspective are outlined in two reports.

  • The summary report was ‎released to coincide with the launch of the international report in June 2009.
  • The in-depth national report contains detailed analyses of the Irish data. It was released in December 2009.‎

International reporting on TALIS 2008 consisted of:‎

The TALIS database is available for use ‎by researchers.‎