PPAD-E (Post-Primary Assessment and Diagnosis- English) Teacher Resources

Assessment Materials: Confidentiality and Security

Thank you for visiting the PPAD-E Teacher Resources webpage.  Please note that the information provided on this page, in the linked videos and the accompanying manuals is highly confidential, as it contains secure test content. The videos and accompanying manuals must only be viewed by staff who are involved in the PPAD-E, and must not under any circumstances be shown to students/parents.

In order to protect the PPAD-E standardised test from misuse, the contents of the test need to be handled sensitively. It is important that the integrity of the test is not compromised by inappropriate sharing of the content or by careless management of the materials. All materials associated with the test, including the student booklets, the scoring overlays, the manuals and details on accessing this webpage and the scoring and reporting tool need to be kept securely.

For more information on correct and ethical use of the PPAD-E assessment see essential information and FAQs

Video Training for Teachers involved in PPAD-E Administration

Video 1: Test Administration
to be viewed in association with Manual 1: Teacher Administration and spare test booklet
Video 3: Using the Scoring and Reporting Tool
to be viewed in association with Manual 3: Scoring, Reporting, Interpretation, Intervention (Revised)
Video 2: Marking Guidance
to be viewed in association with Manual 2: Marking Guidance
Video 4: Interpreting the PPAD-E Reports & planning supports
to be viewed in association with Manual 3: Scoring, Reporting, Interpretation, Intervention


Useful Resources for Download

Administration Reports, Interpretation and Intervention
Sample information sheet for students – English/ Irish Guidance for Subject Teachers- Supporting Students with Literacy Difficulties- Support for All
Sample information sheet for parents – English/ Irish Detailed suggestions for Intervention by PPAD-E Subtest (for subject teachers AND for SET) – support for some/ support for a few
Sample information sheet for teachers – English/ Irish Summary of Interventions from Effective Interventions for Struggling Readers/  Full Publication
PPAD-E Class List Template Blank student profiles formats for editing – Subject Teacher Guidance/ SET Guidance
Instructions for using the PPAD-E Class List