Who Participates?

Who participates within countries and how are participants sampled?

School principals, teachers, and second-year students will be invited to participate in ICCS.

A field trial for ICCS took place in Ireland in January 2008. A random sample of approximately 30 schools, 600 second-year students, and 400 teachers of second-years were invited to participate in the field trial.

For the main study (February 2009), a random sample of 160 schools, 3,500 students, and 2,500 teachers is invited to participate. In each school, one second-year class (or two, in large schools) is sampled at random from all classes at that year level and up to 15 teachers of second-year students are also be sampled at random. Since an aim of the survey is to examine the wider school and classroom contexts in which civic and citizenship education occurs, second-year teachers of all subject areas, not just CSPE, are potential participants. The main study sample size and sample design are sufficient to yield achievement estimates and other indicators which are representative of the population of schools, teachers, and second-year students in Ireland.

What education systems are participating in ICCS?

38 education systems plan to participate in ICCS: