Themes covered in the Student Questionnaire

The 40-minute Student Questionnaire covers the following topics:

  • Student background (e.g. gender, family structure, country of birth, parental education, availability of books at home)
  • Activities during and outside school time (leisure, civic and political)
  • Perceptions of classroom practices relating to civics and citizenship education and of student participation in the running of the school
  • Value beliefs regarding democracy and citizenship
  • Trust in political and other institutions
  • Interest in political and social issues
  • Sense of identity (distinctness from other individuals and groups)
  • Beliefs regarding equality on the basis of gender, ethnicity and immigrant status
  • Beliefs regarding the responsiveness of the political system and attitudes towards political parties
  • Sense of self-efficacy regarding citizenship participation
  • Self-concept regarding political participation
  • Expected level of participation in various citizenship activities
  • Attitudes toward religion