What is Involved?

What Instruments are Administered?

Instruments Administered to Students

Students will be asked to complete one Test Booklet, a general Questionnaire and a European Questionnaire.

Test Booklet:
The 45-minute Test consists of a mixture of multiple-choice and short written test items and covers a range of topics related to civic and citizenship. Students don’t need to study in advance for the test. Examples of the types of questions in the test are shown here.

The 40-minute Questionnaire collects information about students’ perceptions, values and attitudes towards civic and citizenship education as well as information about their home background and activities inside and outside of school. The specific themes covered in the questionnaires are listed here.

European Module:
Students from countries in Europe will receive an additional 20-minute ‘European Module’ Booklet which covers topics specific to Europe. (Countries in South America are implementing a ‘South American Module’ to address issues of interest in that region.) About one-third of the booklet consists of questions about Europe and the EU, while the remainder asks students about their attitudes to various Europe-related issues.

Intruments Administered to School Principals and Teachers:

In addition to the instruments administered to students in sampled classes, school principals will receive a School Questionnaire, and sampled teachers of second-year students will receive a Teacher Questionnaire. Topics covered in the Teacher Questionnaire are shown here and School Questionnaire themes are listed here. Both of these questionnaires take about half an hour to complete.

Instruments Completed by Each Participating Country

Each country completes two National Context Questionnaires which gather information about the structure of the education system and the system-level contexts in which civics and citizenship education occurs. The first questionnaire was submitted by participants in September 2007, and the second will be completed by November 2009.