Post-Primary Schools: Current Tests and ‎Future Developments

December, 2016

Drumcondra Reasoning Test (DRT)

The DRT is a test of verbal reasoning and numerical ability, designed to assess students in the transition from primary to post-primary school.  There are norms available for spring (for use on incoming First Year students) and autumn (for students now enrolled in First Year).

The DRT has been expanded, fully revised and re-normed.  It is now available on our computer-based testing platform and on paper.  There are five parallel Forms of the test available in digital format, and one on paper.  Results from tests taken on computer and on paper can be directly compared

Standardised Tests in English Reading and Mathematics (Second Year)‎

In 2016, the Centre completed a standardization of computer-based English reading and mathematics tests for Second years. There are four Forms of each test.  These are available to schools from January 2017. Ordering information will be available here for schools that wish to use them.

The Centre also has paper-based versions of paper-based English reading and mathematics tests for Second years. These were standardised in 2013.

Standardised Tests in Science (Second Year)‎

The Centre is currently working on the development of standardised tests of science for Second years, and it is planned to make these tests ready for computer-based assessment in the near future.

Differential Aptitude Test, Form T (DATS) (Long Form, Adapted Irish Version)‎

The ERC has discontinued its support for the DAT.