Ordering Tests: Step by Step

You can order tests by fax, email, or post, but not by phone.  For financial control reasons, order forms cannot be accepted or amended on the phone.  The steps for ordering electronically (email) or by paper (post/fax) are quite similar, and are summarised below.  More details, including Conditions of Sale, are below the summary.

  1. Review our website to decide which tests you want to order.
    If you want to examine a test before deciding to buy a full set, you can order what is called a “sample set”.
  2. Decide the quantity of each type of material you need for each test and class level.
    For example, typical orders include test booklets, separate answer sheets, a manual, and scoring stencils.
  3. Some tests have the option of an automated machine-scoring service.  Decide if you want to score the tests yourself or use the service, then ensure you order the right type of answer sheets (the sheets for hand-scoring and machine-scoring are very different and not interchangeable).
  4. Download or print the Order Form, fill in the details of your order, calculate the total cost, and get final approval from the school principal.
  5. Send your order to the Test Department, keeping a copy for yourself.
    NOTE: Most test booklets are in packs of 5, and answer sheets in packs of 25.  So, if you want to test 25 pupils, order only 5 packs of booklets and 1 pack of answer sheets, not 25 of each.  The exception is the Drumcondra Reasoning Test, where you can buy a specified amount of booklets and answer sheets.
  6. All materials will be sent to the school principal, at the school address.  You have up to 14 days to review contents against your copy of the order, and to amend if needed.
  7. Shortly after the materials arrive, the principal will receive an invoice, with postage costs added.
  8. The total amount must be paid within 30 days of date of invoice.
    Payment should be lodged directly to the Test Department bank account (details are on your invoice).  You may also pay by cheque, but you must write your roll number or invoice number on the back of the cheque.  If you do not do so, your account may not be credited, because we may not know where the payment came from.

Paper Versus Electronic Ordering

You can order via email or by post/fax.  Each method has an associated set of instructions to guide you through the process of ordering.  Only limited computer skills are needed to be able to order by email, once the instructions provided are followed.

For paper orders, click to select the primary or post-primary version of the form, print a copy, follow the instructions on the cover page and fax or post your order.

For electronic orders, click to select the primary or post-primary version of the form.  You will see an Excel file.  Save the file to your own computer (Select File and Save As), preferably using your roll number as the file name. Follow the instructions on the Instructions Tab, save, and email your order to tests@erc.ie

Queries: If you have any queries about our tests, please call us on 01 837 7614.  Bear in mind that we cannot process orders solely by phone.  However, we will try to address any other issues you may have.

Conditions of Sale

  • All orders and costs must be approved by the school principal.  It is the responsibility of the person submitting the order to secure appropriate approval.
  • Do not include payment when you order.  The school principal will be invoiced after the school has received the order.  The invoice will include any postage and packing costs
  • Invoices are payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  • Except in the case of sample sets, all test booklets are sold in packs of 5, and all answer sheets in packs of 25. (For the DPST, answer booklets are sold in packs of 25.)
  • You must flag any discrepancies or errors in shipments or invoices no later than 14 days from date of issue.
  • To avoid incurring a charge for duplicate orders, either fax / post / email your order.  If you order by more than one method, you will be billed for postage costs for each order, and may be billed for both sets of materials.
  • Allow extra time during busy periods for processing and shipping your order.
  • In rare circumstances, test booklets and answer sheets may be returned, subject to:
  • prior arrangement
  • purchase within the previous 6 weeks.
  • all in original unbroken packages.
  • Loose items will not be credited.
  • Items not sold in packages (stencils, manuals, scoring keys) are not returnable. All returns are subject to a handling charge of 10%.