Important Announcement (4th March 2020; Updated 1st September 2020)

Update on previous announcement (4th March 2020)

The ERC is delighted to announce Prodigy Learning has been awarded the contract to provide an online assessment platform for standardised testing in Irish primary and post-primary schools by the ERC.

The ERC are partnering with Prodigy Learning to provide a state-of-the-art platform for delivering standardised tests to Irish schools. Further details can be found in the linked press release, with more information to follow later in the 2020/21 school year.

You can read the full press release here.

Important updates re: paper and online standardised tests

The ERC has a long history of providing quality assessments to schools. We are very proud of the tests that have been developed over the last few years, for both primary and post-primary schools. This message provides schools with important updates concerning our paper-based and online standardised tests.

1 – Online standardised tests

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the ERC or the Department of Education and Skills, the online ‎testing platform (DOTS) will be unavailable from 14th May 2020.  The system can be used as usual up until this date.

It is expected that a new online testing service will be available from early 2021.  The new service will include a strong focus on stability to ensure that the risk of disruptions under high volumes of testing will be minimised. We will provide updates on the rollout of the new online testing service in due course.

This disruption in service applies only to our online testing system.

If you plan to use DOTS this year, you should ensure that you have completed all your testing and downloaded all reports and results for your school before May 14th 2020, as you will not be able to do so after this date.

We also recommend that you download copies of all reports for your school from previous test sessions from the DOTS system, if you have not already done so. Pages 16-19 of the DOTS User Guide give details about the reports and how to access them.

Many schools may wish to administer tests later in May or in June, and we regret the inconvenience that this change may cause. Schools that wish to administer standardised tests after May 14th can use our paper-based standardised tests, which will be available as usual (see below).

If your school purchased test credits which remain unused on the old system by May 14th, they will automatically be transferred for use in 2021 (you do not need to do anything).  If you prefer, we can refund the value of your remaining credits. To receive a refund, please email with ‘Refund Request‘ in the subject, on or before May 7th.

‎If you have any other concerns or queries about DOTS, please contact us at‎ Please note that email correspondence is likely to be the most efficient means of communication during busy periods, enabling us to respond to your query as soon as possible.  If you would prefer a phone call, please email us with your school roll number and phone number to arrange a callback.

 2 – Paper standardised testing

The paper versions of the New Primary Tests, and other paper tests for primary and post-primary, are not affected by this change to DOTS. The New Primary Tests can be ordered by following the steps here:

 All queries and orders for paper tests should be sent to