New ERC report examines school, classroom and home factors associated with reading literacy

The Educational Research Centre (ERC) launches a new report on April 28th 2022 which provides more detail on the performance of students in Ireland on the PISA 2018 reading literacy assessment. The report – Reading Literacy in Ireland in PISA 2018: Performance, Policy and Practice –  draws on data collected from principals, teachers, parents and students. As well as providing more detailed analysis of reading related constructs and how such constructs vary across different groups of students, the report also examines the implementation of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy from the point of view of principals and teachers of English.

The report also reflects on the policy implications of the findings and makes a number of recommendations related to reading literacy and gender; English language learners; engagement in reading and the development of reading skills and strategies; target setting and PISA; the teaching of English and supporting literacy development across the curriculum.

The report can be downloaded here.

The press release can be downloaded here.