New ERC report examines home and school learning environments, and wellbeing, attitudes and ‎aspirations of students in DEIS and non-DEIS post-primary schools in Ireland.‎

The Educational Research Centre (ERC) launches a new report on June 30th 2021 examining the home ‎and school learning environments of 15-year olds in DEIS and non-DEIS schools. The report – Beyond ‎achievement: home, school and wellbeing findings from PISA 2018 for students in DEIS and non-‎DEIS schools – also describes findings regarding students’ attitudes, educational and career ‎aspirations, and wellbeing.‎

Some of the key positive findings were that students in both DEIS and non-DEIS schools had access to a ‎wide range of extra-curricular activities, and virtually all participating students had principals who ‎reported that there were school policies in place to student support wellbeing. School principals ‎reported that all students had access to extra-curricular sports, and large majorities of students also ‎had access to other extra-curricular activities including lectures or seminars; band, orchestra or choir; ‎maths competitions; or art clubs. Another welcome finding was that parents of students in DEIS ‎schools generally held positive views regarding school policies aimed at supporting parental ‎involvement in education. ‎

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