Irish Journal of Education (IJE) – Volume 43 now available online

The Educational Research Centre has published Volume 43 of the IJE.  Featuring a lead article on Tom Kellaghan, founder of the Educational Research Centre and its Director from 1966 to 2009, the article, co-authored by Mary Lewis and Gerry Shiel, records Tom’s considerable contribution to the journal while capturing key elements of the history of educational research in Ireland.

Three additional articles are published in this latest and final hard-copy edition of the IJE: A review of the literature on school effectiveness (Lorraine Gilleece & Aidan Clerkin); an article on the need for a wider reading experience for undergraduate students in Ireland, particularly those in the technology sector (Sue Norton); and an examination of the mathematics performance of students entering university in Ireland in recent years (Gerry Shiel, David Millar & Rachel Cunningham).

Volume 44 of the IJE will be published online in summer 2021.

View/Download the articles here.