New ERC report compares the reading, mathematics and science achievement of students in DEIS and non-DEIS schools.

The Educational Research Centre (ERC) launches a new report on November 26th which examines the achievement of 15-year old students in DEIS schools. It is based on data collected for the OECD’s PISA study. The new report is a detailed national analysis that compares the achievements of students in DEIS and non-DEIS schools in 2018 and includes an analysis of changes in achievement over time in these two types of school settings.

Findings show that In PISA 2018, the average reading score in DEIS schools was at the level of the OECD average. Although average reading achievement is lower in DEIS than in non-DEIS schools, the difference between the two was smaller in 2018 than in 2009. In PISA 2018 mathematics and science, students in DEIS schools scored below the OECD average and also scored below students in non-DEIS schools.

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