New CEO of the Educational Research Centre Appointed

Dr Jude Cosgrove has been appointed as the new CEO of the Educational Research Centre and formally takes up the position on September 17. Jude previously worked in the Centre for 18 years from 1997-2015. During this time she took a one and a half year leave of absence to work in the Australian Council for Educational Research, Melbourne (2005-2006). She also spent time working in health research (Institute of Public Health, HIQA) and employment research (Research Matters). She has a Masters in Psychology (UCD, 1997) and a PhD in Education (NUI Maynooth, 2005).

Jude has a number of years’ experience in the development, implementation, analysis and reporting of large-scale national and international assessments and surveys; has worked on evaluations and policy reviews; and is experienced in collaborating with researchers and policy makers nationally and internationally.

Dr Peter Archer is retiring after serving as CEO/Director of the ERC since 2009. Prior to that, Peter worked as a researcher at the ERC and at the Education Office of the Conference of Religious in Ireland (CORI). Dr Archer is highly regarded, nationally and internationally, for his extensive work in the area of educational disadvantage. He oversaw the transition of the Centre to a Statutory Body in 2015.

Peter’s calm and strategic leadership, compassion and humour will be greatly missed by Jude and by the rest of the staff in the Centre, who wish him well in his retirement.