Publications 2011

This page provides links to publications about PIRLS and TIMSS 2011.  Publications are divided into those that are specific to Ireland, and those from the PIRLS and TIMSS International Study Center.

Irish-Interest Publications

An edited volume of thematic reports on PIRLS and TIMSS in Ireland – “National Schools, international contexts: Beyond the PIRLS and TIMSS test results” – was published in June 2013.
Click here to access the report in its entirety, or select from the links below to access chapters individually.

1.    PIRLS and TIMSS 2011: Overview (Eivers & Clerkin)
2.    Features of policy and provision (Lewis & Archer)
3.    Pupil engagement (Clerkin & Creaven)
4.    Pupils’ languages (Eivers)
5.    Teachers and teaching practices (Clerkin)
6.    Home-school interaction (Eivers & Creaven)
7.    Reading literacy in PIRLS 2011 (Concannon-Gibney & Shiel)
8.    Mathematics items: Context and curriculum (Close)
9.    Science items: Context and curriculum (Murphy)
10.  Understanding achievement in PIRLS and TIMSS 2011 (Cosgrove & Creaven)

Click here to see a flyer summarising some of the main information in these thematic reports.
Click the links below to access:

  • the initial national report on the reading, mathematics and science achievement of Irish Fourth class pupils (published in December 2012).
  • a short flyer outlining the initial findings.
  • a selection of the questions used in the real-life tests, and information on how Irish pupils performed on each question.
  • a Technical Report, describing (for Ireland) sampling and administration procedures, participation rates, and quality control measures.


International Publications

The PIRLS and TIMSS International Study Center website can be accessed at

From this site, you can download or purchase:

  • The international reports for reading, mathematics, and science
  • The PIRLS and TIMSS encyclopaediae, including chapters on Ireland
  • The PIRLS and TIMSS assessment frameworks
  • NEW in November 2013:  a report examining the relationships between reading, maths and science achievement among Fourth grade pupils who took all three tests in 2011.