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PISA 2015 National Report: Future ready? The performance of 15-year-olds in Ireland on science, reading literacy and mathematics in PISA 2015

This report, published in December 2016, presents the science, reading and mathematics results of students in Ireland in PISA 2015.
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PISA 2012 National Report: Learning for Life: The Achievements of 15-year-olds in Mathematics, Reading Literacy and Science in PISA 2012

This report, published in December 2013, presents the mathematics, reading and science results of students in Ireland from PISA 2012.

PISA 2012 Report: A Teacher’s Guide to PISA Mathematics and Problem Solving

PISA 2012 Report: PISA in Classrooms: Implications for the teaching and learning of ‎mathematics in Ireland

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PISA 2012 national publications (focus on mathematics)

PISA 2009 national publications (focus on reading)

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