Information for schools, teachers, parents and students

The Field Trial for PISA 2018 took place in 40 schools in March and April 2017. The Main Study for PISA 2018 will take place in 157 schools in March-April 2018. Regional Co-ordinators are currently liaising with selected schools in preparation for testing early next year.

In PISA 2018, as in PISA 2015, the student assessment will be entirely computer-based. Students, principals, parents and English teachers of Third Year students will be invited to participate. Inspectors, assisted by external technical support staff, will administer PISA to students using carry-in laptops.

Information on PISA

Information for schools selected to participate in the PISA 2018 Main Study available here.

Information for parents of students selected to participate in the PISA 2018 Main Study will ‎be available in February 2018. Information for parents of students selected to participate in the PISA 2018 Field Trial available here.

Information for students selected to participate in the PISA 2018 Main Study will be available ‎in February 2018. ‎

OECD’s informational video on PISA.

Try out the PISA tests!

Try out PISA 2015 released science questions here.

Click here to download a pdf of other PISA test questions from the OECD.

National booklet of sample PISA assessment tasks in English,  as Gaeilge.

Information on PISA findings

OECD’s PISA in Focus: PISA findings in brief.

PISA’s policy on confidentiality and anonymity

All information collected as part of PISA in Ireland is done so in accordance with the Data Protection and Statistics Acts. The confidentiality and anonymity of participants is very important, and information on an individual school will only ever be provided to that school and will never be released to other schools or individuals. Information on individual teachers, students and parents will never be released.

updated on 27th Oct 2017