Participating Countries

This page lists the countries that took part in PIRLS 2016.  Overall, 50 countries and 10 benchmark participants (regional entities) are taking part in PIRLS. Countries marked * also took part in ePIRLS.

Countries Participating in PIRLS

Australia Hungary Portugal*
Austria Iran, Islamic Rep.of Qatar
Azerbaijan Ireland* Russian Federation
Bahrain Israel* Saudi Arabia
Belgium (Fr and Fl) Italy* Singapore*
Bulgaria Kazakhstan Slovak Republic
Canada* Kuwait Slovenia
Chile Latvia South Africa*
Chinese Taipei* Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Macau Sweden*
Denmark* Malta Trinidad & Tobago
Egypt Morocco United Arab Emirates*
England Netherlands United States*
Finland New Zealand
France Northern Ireland
Georgia* Norway (5th Grade)*
Germany Oman
Hong Kong SAR Poland

Benchmark participants

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Denmark (3rd Grade)
Norway (4th Grade)
Moscow City, Russian Federation
Eng/Afr/Zulu – RSA (5th Grade)
Andalusia, Spain
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates*
Dubai, United Arab Emirates*