NA 2009

This page provides links to the results of NA 2009, and the theoretical and methodological frameworks upon which the assessments are based.

The Main Report is designed for an academic and a general audience.  It is supported by two reports targeted at an academic audience.  The Technical Report outlines the theoretical underpinnings of the study, including frameworks for reading and maths, while the E-appendix provides details of all statistical analyses that are presented in summary form in the main report.

General and Academic Audience

  • Click here to download the main report
  • Click here for the e-appendix
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  • Click here for the brochure outlining some of they key findings from the 2009 survey

Academic Audience

  • Click here for the Technical Report for the 2009 National Assessments
  • Click here to view the assessment frameworks for NA 2009.

Additional Information

  • Click here to see the questionnaires used, and the responses given.
  • Click here to view sample test items.