Recent Publications

Publications 2017

Books/Monographs/Reports Kelleher, C., & Weir, S. (2017). The impact of DEIS on class size in urban primary schools in 2014/15 with comparative data from 2010. Report to the Department of Education and Skills. Dublin: Educational Research Centre. DOWNLOAD

Publications 2016

Articles Clerkin, A. (2016). Homework and study behaviours before the Leaving Certificate among Transition Year participants and non-participants. Irish Journal of Education, 41, 5-23. Cunningham, R., Close, S., & Shiel, G. (2016). Assessment of Project Maths at Junior Certificate level: An exploratory study using the PISA and TIMSS assessment frameworks. Irish Journal of Education, 41,Read more…

Publications 2015

Articles Cosgrove, J. (2015). Changes in achievement in PISA from 2000 to 2009 in Ireland: Beyond the test scores. Irish Journal of Education, 40, 29-44. Gilleece, L. (2015). Parental involvement and pupil reading achievement in Ireland: Findings from PIRLS 2011. International Journal of Educational Research, 73, pp.23-36. doi:10.1016/j.ijer.2015.08.001 Kavanagh, L. (2015). National assessments show increase inRead more…