Notes to contributors

The Irish Journal of Education considers for publication articles on any aspect of education – philosophy, history, comparative education, curriculum studies, etc. Reports of experimental research and articles which have a particular relevance to education in Ireland are especially welcome.

Normally articles should be not less than 3,500 words and not more than 6,500 words in length. Articles should be accompanied by a summary or abstract of about 100 words.

The preferred method of submission of articles is by electronic transmission to If submitted in hard copy, articles should be typed in double spacing on one side of A4-sided paper. There should be a margin of at least one inch all round. Each manuscript should be submitted in duplicate.

Referencing should follow the APA system. The names of authorities should be listed in alphabetical order (followed by year of publication) in the list of references. Titles of books should be in italics; place of publication and publisher should be cited. For example:

Piaget, J. (1950). The psychology of intelligence. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.

Name of periodicals should be written in full; abbreviations should not be used. The citation should include the year of publication, volume number, and page numbers pf cited paper. The periodical title and volume number should be in italics. For example:

Vaizey, J. (1967). Education and the Irish Economy. Irish Journal of Education, 1, 113-123.

Articles in hard copy should be sent to:

The Editor
The Irish Journal of Education
St Patrick’s College
Dublin 9