Opportunity versus Challenge: Exploring Usage of Log-File and Process Data in International Large Scale Assessments

Conference and Workshop Event

16th-17th May, Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2, Ireland

The Educational Research Centre (Dublin, Ireland) and Educational Testing Service (Princeton, NJ, USA) are collaborating to support the growing interest in log-file and process data from international large-scale assessments. A conference and workshop will take place on the 16th and 17th May, 2019 at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference event will showcase recent and current work in this area, promote a shared understanding of log-file and process data in PISA and other large-scale assessments, and establish priorities to guide future directions. The conference event will take place over 1.5 days, with an anticipated audience comprising mainly of researchers, but also policymakers and education stakeholders.

A half-day workshop event on process data will directly follow the conference. This workshop is limited to 30 participants.

Registration information

Please note, there are two options to attend the conference:

1) Conference only option. For the conference only, a fee of €300 will apply, and registration will operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, opening at 12 noon on the 25th February 2019 at www.erc.ie/processdataconference2019.

2) Conference and workshop option. For the conference and the workshop, a fee of €400 will apply. Please complete the application form at the link below to apply for the workshop. Note: successful workshop applicants will be sent a link to register and pay for both events in late February 2019.

The application process for the workshop is now open until 4pm on the 18th February 2019 at this link:


Conference Event – 16th and 17th May (1.5 days)

More information on the conference and workshop (draft programme, speakers, etc.) will shortly be available.  

The conference will be open to 100 attendees and registration will operate on a first-come-first-served basis, from 12 noon on the 25th February 2019. This page will update with a link to the conference only registration site.

Workshop Event – 17th May (afternoon only)

A half-day workshop event on process data will directly follow the conference. This workshop is limited to 30 participants, with a registration process separate to the conference only event. If there are more than 30 applications, shortlisting will apply based on the submitted information, with a possible restriction on the number of participants per country.

Information for workshop participants

The workshop is aimed at educational researchers with some experience in data analysis using SPSS/STATA/SAS, with an interest in student process. The workshop will have a blend of demonstration and hands-on tasks that are aimed at researchers beginning to work with log-file and process data in large-scale assessments.

Workshop participants will require a general understanding of SPSS syntax or other programming languages. Extensive data science or programming experience is not essential, but some knowledge and understanding of data analytics and coding will be beneficial. Participants will also need to be generally familiar with the content and design of the PISA datasets.

Contact details If you have any queries or questions related to the application process, please contact the conference team at processdataconference2019@erc.ie