Evaluation of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF) Trial

The Educational Research Centre has been asked by the Department of Education ‎and skills to carry out an evaluation of the Digital Learning Framework. The new ‎framework, for primary and post-primary schools, was published in September 2017. ‎The framework is a key part of the Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020. ‎

A trial of the framework in 20 post-primary and 30 primary schools runs from ‎October 2017-May 2018.‎

The Educational Research Centre is responsible for developing and hosting ‎questionnaires for school principals, teachers and PDST staff; analysing the results; ‎and drafting a report on the evaluation. ‎

In addition, focus groups in six of the participating schools will be carried out. ‎

The evaluation report will be submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in ‎July 2018.‎

More information on the Digital Learning Framework is available from the ‎Department’s website and the PDST website.

Information on the evaluation can be found in this presentation.


Final report on DLF trial evaluation

The final report on the Digital Learning Framework trial evaluation was published on October 22, 2018. The report describes the progress, successes and challenges experienced by staff in the 48 primary and post-primary schools that took part. It follows on from the baseline report, published in May 2018. It identifies seven implications for the national implementation of the Digital Learning Framework, which is being led by the PDST technology in education team. Jude Cosgrove and Alice Duggan presented the key findings of this report to participating school staff at the Digital Learning Framework Trial Shared Learning Day in Croke Park on October 22.

Read the executive summary here

Read the full report here

Baseline report on DLF trial evaluation

The Baseline report on the DLF trial evaluation is now published and can be downloaded here.

The report presents a starting context for interpreting the overall findings and progress made by participating schools over the course of the trial. The overall findings will be published as a final report during the third quarter of 2018. Sincere thanks to school staff, teachers, and PDST advisors for their participation.​

PDF copies of questionnaires for participating schools and PDST advisors

Note that all responses should be submitted using the online versions of the questionnaires. Links to the online questionnaires are sent via email to participants. The PDF versions below are for review purposes only.

Phase 2 (April-May 2018)

Post-primary teachers

Post-primary principals/Digital Learning Team leaders

Primary teachers

Primary principals/Digital Learning Team leaders

PDST advisors

Phase 1 (November-December 2017)

Primary schools:

Principal questionnaire

PDST first visit questionnaire for principals

Teacher questionnaire

Post-primary schools:

Principal questionnaire

PDST first visit questionnaire for principals

Teacher questionnaire

PDST advisors:

PDST first visit questionnaire for PDST advisors